Being Creative with Farmers Market Flowers: Creating Real Flower Crowns and Real Flower Bracelets

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/17/17 12:21 PM

Being Creative with Farmers Market Flowers: Creating Real Flower Crowns and Real Flower Bracelets

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/17/17 12:21 PM
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Here in Charleston, SC I live downtown where it is easy to walk or bike pretty much any where in this lovely little city on the ocean. Every Saturday we have a farmers market that is about a 10 minute walk from my house. I usually take Poppy (my dog) with me to the market since she loves playing around exploring with all the people and food there.


How to make real flower crowns


Lately I have been really focused on using and buying from local South Carolina Flower Farms to get my supplies for my classes, my flower crowns, bouquets, arrangements, etc. Thankfully I came across this amazing Collective of South Carolina Flower Farms that are coming together to provide Charleston with lovely, fresh, born and raised in South Carolina flowers. Check out Lowcountry Flower Growers Collective here.


Farmers market flower arrangement

There is a list of flower farms in South Carolina that are part of the Lowcountry Flower Growers listed on their website here.

I am planning on trying to visit one farm a weekend to do some fun blog posts on these amazing flower farms in South Carolina to show off the great things they are doing for florists and flower lovers here in South Carolina. Stay tuned for those posts. :)

zinnias flower crowns

Since I moved to Charleston and started my own small business it has become even more important to me to support local small businesses and support local.

So why should you buy your flowers from local small flower farms? Check out your South Carolina farmers markets for fresh blooms and ask about the flowers. Ask them where their farm is located. Get to know the flower growers of our great state and support the flower farms here in South Carolina. 

Real flower crowns from farmers market flowers

 Why should you buy your flowers from local flower farms?

  • Only 25% of flowers sold in the U.S. are grown on American soil.  By purchasing locally-grown flowers, you are directly supporting American family owned flower farms and the Lowcountry economy by keeping dollars and jobs here in South Carolina.
  • Imported flowers are cut days before they arrive in your hands.  Local flowers are fresher, meaning your flowers and greenery will often last longer once they reach your vase.
  • Farming outside the U.S. is often unregulated, meaning your flowers can be grown using loads of chemicals. Local, small farms tend to grow flowers sustainably, using only organic methods.  Buying local flowers also preserves farmland and ensures fewer resources are used in transporting flowers to their destination.

Here's a look at the bounty of beautiful Zinnias and sunflowers that I was able to buy from a couple different vendors at the Charleston Farmers Market.

South Carolina Flower Farmers

First you should unwrap your flowers from the packaging that they came in. You want to get out some scissors to cut a fresh cut on your flowers. I typically line them up by color and type so I can see what I am working with. Today I made a lovely Charleston Mom her daughter's 1st birthday flower crown using the local South Carolina Farmers Market Flowers. 

how to make real flower crowns

Next you want to make sure you have your supplies ready. When I make flower crowns I tend to use floral tape, floral wire and wrapped craft wire if I want the crowns to be more flexible.

first birthday flower crown


Flower crowns for birthday parties


Sunflower crown

I made the Mom and daughter (who is turning 1) matching flower crowns for the photo shoot today.

mom and daughter flower crown

Also made up some cute Zinnia flower bracelets, because why not?

real flower bracelets

If you have an event or celebration coming up and you want flower crowns either real flower crowns of silk flower crowns we can make them for you by requesting here.

Flower Crown Party  Etsy Shop HERE. 

Now, let's flower party! 

Contact us about your Crowns. 

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