An Ode to All Things Flower Crowns: A Video Year in Review of 2018

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/1/19 7:16 PM

An Ode to All Things Flower Crowns: A Video Year in Review of 2018

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/1/19 7:16 PM
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The only words that I think of when I sit here reflecting on my business is really just an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. I cannot describe the emotion that I feel when I think about how far we have come in just one year. It is a surreal feeling to be a business owner. It is an even more surreal feeling knowing that this idea that I had when I moved to Charleston, SC almost 2 years ago turned into a real business. A real thing that people are excited to take part in and book parties with us. 

2018 flower crown parties

I went through every single photo and video that myself or our team took this year at our parties and workshops to make this video review of 2018.

I made this video as an ode to you all. To anyone who has taken a class, attended a party with us, bought crowns through us, bought earrings through us, supported us through love and friendship- we are beyond thankful for you.

This business started as a hobby. I remember when I moved to Charleston and saw all the bachelorette parties around town...thought to myself hmm...what is up with this?!!? They were constant and everywhere. Every weekend I would see girls celebrating and thought to myself, hold on. I am going to try something and see if it works!

Guess what, one little idea became something bigger than me. It was a hobby that I had. I love flowers and wanted to see if women would want to do flower crown workshops when they came here for their bachelorette party weekend. Well, they did! You all booked workshops with us and celebrated your special times with us by creating with flowers. We kept at it. Don't ever let anyone tell you an idea is stupid or not going to work. Just go do it. Try it and see what happens. When it worked we put gas on the fire and we kept at it. 

I blogged at nights and weekends to get SEO working. I took all my knowledge that HubSpot (my full time job) has taught me. I am forever thankful for my amazing boss at HubSpot (Zaks) for supporting me throughout this. A funky idea for a hobby and something for me to do on the weekends and nights turned into something more. It just kept growing. I can't tell you how many weekends I worked on this and nights I worked on this over this year. It was all worth it. 

Then we launched more cities. And you all wanted to flower party with us there too. WOW!

So thank you to all of our party hosts who help us on weekends and nights by doing flower parties with us. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you working with me. Having the right team is so important to a growing business. I learned that this year and plan on really digging in deep to all of our locations this year to support you more than ever.

The best news is this.

I am officially doing this FULL TIME come February 1st.

Just saying that out loud makes my whole body tingle. Tingle with excitement, tingle because I am scared. I made a very, very hard decision this year with the help of my amazing boss, family and friends to quit my software sales job of 8 1/2 years. HubSpot is a huge part of my life. A huge part of who I am and has help define who I am for so long. Leaving it is very, very hard for me.

But, If HubSpot has taught me anything it is that you take chances when they are presented to you. This was a very calculated decision to leave my job. I love HubSpot. I love software sales. I am afraid I will miss it. But being scared is not a good enough reason not to try it. I saved money, I planned and worked hard to get the model right. It is the right time to do this.

I am so thankful for everything that I have learned in sales at HubSpot. It has all helped me to become the owner and CEO of this company that I hope to build upon more and more in 2019.

I hope we have every city with flower party hosts by the end of 2019. My goal with this business when we started to launch in new cities outside of Charleston was one thing: To enable women to have a side hustle that they can do on the weekends and at night that would give them a creative outlet while making money. I am so happy to say we are doing just that. We will be enabling more and more women in 2019 to have side hustles where they get to do something creative with their time. Thank you for joining us.

Thank you to every single customer of ours. Thank you for spending your precious time with us. What you do with your time is your choice. We know you have lots of choices on activities that you can do while on your bachelorette weekend or celebrating a bridal shower/baby shower or whatever celebration it is.

To every single group of people who flower party with us- THANK YOU.

To every single person who bought anything from us this year- THANK YOU.

To anyone in my life who has supported me and pushed me along this year- THANK YOU.

flower crown workshops

One thing I have learned this year thinking back on our year is this...

Most people don't start companies because it is HARD WORK. Most people stay in their jobs and don't take chances like this because it is SCARY and HARD. I am so beyond thankful and grateful to be able to really try doing this full time. I hope to God it all works out and this is able to be my full time job. What will happen will happen and it will all turn out the way it should. But, I will know that I tried. I gave it my best and gave it my all. I will finally put all of my attention and love into you. You are not just a side hustle for me anymore. 

So just know, when you book a flower party with us you are supporting a woman owned business.

You are supporting a dream that became a reality.

You are supporting side hustles and women around our great country.

You are why we do this.

The smile on your faces and happiness that comes from our flower parties is why I love this. I cannot wait to flower party with you all over the US in 2019. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. 

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