DIY Floral Crown Bachelorette Party Takes on Folly Beach

Posted by Molly Wickham on Apr 10, 2018 10:53:42 AM

DIY Floral Crown Bachelorette Party Takes on Folly Beach

Posted by Molly Wickham on Apr 10, 2018 10:53:42 AM

Hey everyone! Molly here, again! I told you we had been quite the busy bees here in Charleston! Perfect timing since it’s officially SPRING! Hello, wedding season!

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On Saturday I wrapped up my second party for the weekend with a bachelorette party on Folly Beach! These ladies knew how to roll! A beach house with a view of the ocean in the front of the house and a marsh sunset in the back of the house? Beyond peaceful and gorgeous. (When can I move in?)

I arrived to the house and was welcomed with smiles, friendly faces and the smell of delicious food! I later learned they had Chef Justin Vereen come in to make the perfect Lowcountry brunch to start off the weekend! Yum!

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After their brunch, it was time for me to set up shop so we could get our flower partying on! We had lots of spring florals for everyone to choose from! It’s crazy that even with the same exact florals, not one person’s crown looked alike! That’s what I love about doing a DIY flower crown- you get to showcase your creative side and your individuality at the same time!

charleston bachelorette party

All the ladies working hard! How cute are their monogram tumblers btw!? What a great idea for bachelorette party favors?!


flower crown party

We did a few group shots outside overlooking the marsh (The perfect view of Morris Island Lighthouse in the distance!) before the ladies spent their afternoon allowing the sun and mellow beach environment take them into relaxation prior to their creative, crafty and calming flower crown party with Fetes de Fleurs!



Floral babes!

Once everyone had taken a little mid afternoon siesta and dolled up, it was time to hit the town! With their flower crowns in hand (or on head, I suppose!), they headed to downtown Charleston to enjoy a wonderful dinner at Magnolias- a staple on East Bay Street here in The Holy City! After sharing desserts amongst the eleven of them, they enjoyed drinks on the rooftop at Market Pavilion (another Charleston must- say yes to rooftops!), then were off to hit the Charleston nightlife on Market & King Streets!

bachelorette party ideas


flower crown party

All dolled up and ready to go!

Wishing the best of luck to our bride-to-be, Jennifer, and all of her amazing bachelorette friends! They totally rocked their floral crown party + weekend!

Xo, Molly

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Weekend vendors:

Floral Crowns: Fetes de Fleurs Charleston with host, Molly

Catered Brunch: Chef Justin Vereen, owner of Justin and Company

Dinner: Magnolias

Rooftop Drinks: Charleston Market Pavilion

Transportation: Charleston Black Cab Company

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