Springtime Floral Crown Partying in Charleston, SC

Posted by Molly Wickham on Mar 25, 2019 12:27:45 PM

Springtime Floral Crown Partying in Charleston, SC

Posted by Molly Wickham on Mar 25, 2019 12:27:45 PM
Hey everyone, Molly here! This previous weekend I had my first DIY floral crown party here in Charleston, SC of the spring season and it couldn't have been with a better group of gals!
fun activities for a charleston girls weekend or bachelorette party weekend
Like all of our parties, we start off by deciding what you want- silk vs. real flowers and what flower types/colors! (Did you know we offer BOTH silk and real flower parties? Both options are great to do! Check out some of our previous flower partying posts if you're having a hard time deciding!)
This Charleston bachelorette party decided to go with real flowers in white and green with some touches of pink! We always try our best to make sure our parties get what they request, but sometimes depending on season and stock, the flower Gods just don't have what we need! Luckily for these ladies, the spring season had plenty to offer!
The girls shopping for their florals!

host a bachelorette party in Charleston, SC

Everyone working hard!
As a host, we are here to help- whether it's a little or a lot! Every party is unique, different, and work at their own speed! :) This party had their crown making down to the T!
bachelorette party ideas in Charleston, SC  
flower crown workshops with fetes de fleurs
charleston sc bachelorette party
Selfies encouraged! 
bachelorette party charleston sc
Some bachelorette trip highlights from this group for their bachelorette party weekend in Charleston, SC are below in case you are looking for ideas for your own weekend here!
flower crown workshop and candle making workshop for a charleston bachelorette party or girls weekend trip

Charleston Bachelorette Party Itinerary

charleston bachelorette party itinerary

flower crown party 
Interested in setting up a party for an upcoming bachelorette getaway? Schedule now before it's too late!
xo, Molly
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