A Charleston Bachelorette Getaway with a Flower Crown Party

Posted by Molly Wickham on Mar 19, 2018 10:40:42 PM

A Charleston Bachelorette Getaway with a Flower Crown Party

Posted by Molly Wickham on Mar 19, 2018 10:40:42 PM

Hey flower lovers! 

We’ve been quite the busy florals bees this weekend here in Charleston!

Our first bachelorette party (of course floral themed) started Friday evening with a downtown Charleston bachelorette party hosted by me, Molly, one of Charleston's flower party hosts

Charleston bachelorette party

This bachelorette party requested silk florals so they could keep the floral fun going the whole weekend and once they returned home. This option is a good one for when the bachelorette group wants to be able to wear their flower crowns for more than just the bachelorette weekend!

Which we think is a lovely idea. So just FYI if you are working on your bachelorette party planning we do real flower crowns or silk flower crowns

flower crown party

Silk florals can be tricky to work with because of all the wires and arranging, but these ladies rocked it! We lead our flower parties in instruction on how to make their floral creations for any kind of flower party.

We did a mix of florals in pink, yellow, and white, and added our staple greenery around the frame of the flower crown as we always do when we host our parties using real flowers. We have learned from doing so many flower crown parties what works best to teach our flower crown ladies how to make them. There are many ways to make flower crowns but this is the way we do them. :) 

flower crown party

The ladies were staying in a cute little Charleston Airbnb right downtown in the heart of Charleston, so they had prime access to nightlife and exploring the town… in their floral crowns, of course! ;)

Since the wedding is actually taking place in Charleston VERY soon (Yay!), the ladies were well prepared for their bachelorette weekend!

Bachelorette party planning company, Kay & Co, came in to gussy up the house with pinkest and cutest party decor before our flower crown party. If you don't know about Kay and Co I would highly recommend checking out her bachelorette party services. She does things like bubbly bars and decorating your space for your bachelorette party weekend. We are an option when planning with her so if you go through us or her - doesn't really matter as she uses us when girls want to do a flower crown party! 

flower crown bar
  • Party balloons
  • Rose bottle cookies,
  • Sprinkled doughnuts, AND
  • Pink polaroid camera!?

We will take it, any day, any weekend regardless of it being a bachelorette party! 

bachelorette party ideas

We love this ‘love’ balloon! How cute does this look as a tablescape for the flower crown bar and flower crown workshop to come? 

bachelorette party destinations

Can’t go wrong with polaroids!

(PS- they’re my fav and can be rented from Kay & Co for your weekend!) We actually bought a few of these in the early days of Fetes de Fleurs and think we should start bringing them back for our flower parties. So yes, we will start doing that again because they are so fun to have on hand for fun, flowery pictures as you work your way through our flower parties. 

flower crowns

They are too cute! 

Can't you just feel the love between this group of girlfriends on this bachelorette party? 

flower crown party

Ready for a night out in their crowns! Looks like they are already having a great time. 

charleston bachelorette party

Request More Information  for Charleston Bachelorette Party Ready to schedule your own DIY floral crown bar for a party, shower, girls night? Dates + times are filling up quickly, so hurry up and schedule your next floral party!

We hope to flower party with you all soon! 

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Xo, Molly


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