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How to Host the Best Savannah Georgia Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Alexandra Gonsor on Feb 25, 2019 12:40:27 PM

Savannah is one of our newest locations that we are hosting our flower parties in for celebrations like bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, and all kinds of fun nights for local ladies in the Savannah area. We had our 1st flower party in the Savannah area this past weekend so naturally we wanted to recap the party to give you an idea of what goes into our flower parties in case you are researching Savannah GA bachelorette party weekend ideas. We highly recommend Savannah for a bachelorette party weekend because well, there are SO many fun things to do and of course we want to flower party with you while you are here in our charming city. 

how to host a fabulous savannah bachelorette party

This is Alex here: I am one of our two flower party hosts in the Savannah area. So hopefully I will get the chance to work with you in the future as we have more flower parties for celebrations here in Savannah.

flower crown workshop for your savannah bachelorette party weekend

I had the privilege to host a flower crown party for a bride who is having her bachelorette party in Savannah this past weekend. Her friends came from all over Florida and New York and were enjoying our southern Savannah charm. Her story is so fun because her destination wedding is in small town Georgia and she wanted to keep her southern theme going by hosting her bachelorette in Savannah. We were all laughing over the culture shock of being in Savannah after having grown up in New York! Savannah certainly is a world unto herself. They really got to experience the southern charm of Savannah. We hosted a bachelorette party activity with the group on Sunday morning at their airbnb.

savannah georgia bachelorette party

Our bride had 7 of her friends in Savannah for her bachelorette party weekend. As part of their Savannah bachelorette party weekend they decided to book our flower crown party which we were super thankful and excited to be a part of their weekend in Savannah.

savannah ga bachelorette party

Everyone who came are hairdressers which made making the flower crowns super fun for them.

savannah bachelorette party ideas

They each had their own artistic style and made gorgeous crowns. We love that when we host our flower crown parties everyones style and personality ends up coming out in the end design. You will see this if you book a class with us as well.


One of her guests made a flower crown for his fancy hat - he called it his crown for his crown. So cute. We loved this so much so check out the photos of his flower hat
crown below.

savannah ga bachelorette party weekend

savannah georgia bachelorette party ideas

Right after their party, they were headed out for a late Savannah brunch which was really timely because everyone was STARVING after making flower crowns and drinking mimoso’s all morning (a mimoso is a bachelorette party original invented by a lovely New Yorker).

Our bride wanted a super lush Snapchat filter-like flower crown. Since she wanted her flowers to stand up vertical like the photo filters, we had to work with the floral tape and the floral wire to make sure that she got the look that she wanted while keeping the flower crown sturdy enough to make through an afternoon of exploring and drinking by the river.


We even loaded baby’s breath around the backside so that it was almost like a bridal veil! Bride status all day every day!

I can’t wait to host the next Savannah bachelorette party and flower crown party with more amazing ladies experiencing all that our lovely southern city has to offer.



You can request more information about how our Savannah bachelorette parties work here.  We can't wait to flower party with you all as we head into the busy season for bachelorette parties here in the Spring and Summer seasons ahead! 

Savannah bachelorette party

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Savannah Bachelorette Party Itinerary: The Beer Themed Bachelorette Party with the Best Savannah Breweries

Posted by Alexandra Gonsor on Jan 6, 2019 6:02:04 PM

Hey y’all! Alex again, and I’m super excited to talk to you this week about beer.

savannah breweries for your savannah bachelorette party weekend

I love beer. Beer is my favorite grown up beverage. I have specific beer that I drink when I’m feeling nostalgic and certain beer for Sunday game day. I also love how the flavor profiles of beer have expanded so much thanks to technology and brave craft brewers. Savannah seems like a sleepy southern town that wouldn’t cater to beer lovers, but ha! We tricked you, Savannah has great breweries and if you and your girlfriends are looking for a brewery tap tour, Savannah is the place for you. It seems there are plenty of bachelorette groups who love beer too so we definitely want you to know what Savannah breweries you should experience while on your Savannah bachelorette weekend or Savannah ladies weekend.

2019 beer bachelorette party ideas

Most of the cities that we celebrate bachelorette parties in have great breweries so if you are looking to do a beer bachelorette party theme make sure you check out breweries while you are planning for your bachelorette party weekend. If you plan on doing a flower crown workshop as part of your bachelorette party weekend just let your flower party hostess know that you want to incorporate the flower crowns or flower crown workshop into your brewery tour. We can definitely work with the brewery and do the workshop at a table at the brewery- if that allow that! Which most will!

savannah breweries and flower crowns

Here are our favorite Beer Bachelorette Party Themes and Hashtags:

  • HOPPILY ever after! (Okay, that is so cute)
  • Beer this Bride
  • Bride’s Brew Crew
  • Brews Before I Do’s
  • Cheers and Beers
  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something brewed
  • Buy me a brew before I say I do
  • Do what makes your hoppy!

If you go on Etsy and search, “Beer bachelorette shirt” you will get so many cute options that you could tag on to your Savannah bachelorette party as well. We think a cute beer bachelorette t-shirt with flower crowns will make for the best Savannah bachelorette party.

bachelorette party ideas in savannah georgia

Here is our Ideal Savannah Bachelorette Itinerary if you are doing Breweries in Savannah:

Your first stop on your brewery tap tour should be Moon River Brewing Company.

Grab brunch and a nice sour on tap and talk about your next stops as you people watch from the patio and enjoy the historic views. Grab a beer to go and take a stroll down Bay Street after to do a little sightseeing while on your way to World of Beer. They have over 500 beers on tap. It’s insane y’all. Their beers are conveniently listed in an iPad which you can sort by region or flavor profile. I’ve got a World of Beer membership card, so I can keep track of what I’ve tried and whether I liked it or not. My husband tried to use my card and I had to karate chop him so I don’t get my favorite brews confused with his. :) World of Beer does have food, but I’m gonna tell you that the food is heavy and if you’re doing a tap tour, stick with the light food so you will have room for more beer.

savannah breweries on your savannah bachelorette party weekend

Speaking of my hubs, he’s a Marine and so we often frequent Service Brewing. They are veteran owned and operated and we really like to support vets in our community. Service hosts Beer + Yoga with Karrie Comeau on the last Saturday morning of every month. It will kick your behind. Thankfully you get a nice cold beer after so it makes it all okay! And there’s usually a food truck standing by to replenish the calories you just burned with that good workout, ladies. They also have CATS. It’s like a bachelorette party dream - yoga, beer, cats. Why would you even consider anywhere else for a Saturday morning on your Savannah bachelorette party weekend?

the best breweries for your savannah bachelorette weekend


Two Tides is a trendy brewery tucked away in the Starland District of Savannah. Most of their beers are small batch so make sure to check out their Facebook page to see what’s currently rotating. Two Tides prides themselves on being approachable so if you have some girlfriends that aren’t normally beer drinkers, this would be a good stop to get them some easy drinkers.

Southbound Brewing is a Savannah staple. They are fairly well known, and you can catch them in many local bars and restaurants on tap too. So make sure you look for them around town as you bar hop around Savannah! Making your way over to the brewery will bring you to super fun events like BBQ’s, Trivia Night, Pints + Poses (yoga!), sushi making classes, live music, and comedy nights. There’s something happening pretty much every weekend, so this is really a no brainer for adding them into your Savannah bachelorette itinerary. Southbound has really solid year round favorites and their rotating craft beers will delight your palate.

Savannah bachelorette party

I really hope to see you sometime soon at the bar of one of these amazing breweries. Try ordering a flight so that you can taste several beers at once and find your favorite. We definitely think that flower crowns and brews go well together. Plan a flower crown workshop with us at a brewery or wear your flower crowns out on a brewery tour as well! We can't wait to flower party with you over some beers for your Savannah bachelorette weekend.

flower crown party


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The 2019 Guide to What Savannah Tours You Should Take on Your Savannah Bachelorette Party

Posted by Alexandra Gonsor on Jan 1, 2019 7:58:56 PM

Hey there! This is Alex, I am one of the 2 flower party hosts in the Savannah area.

I love making memories and acting like a tourist in my home cities. I think it helps keep the city fresh for me and honestly, I personally would rather make memories than get new clothes or shoes with my fun money. So, Savannah is a great city to take tours and sight see thanks to the history, architecture, and art & design college. We wanted to do a roundup of the tours that we love in Savannah so as you plan your Savannah bachelorette weekend or Savannah girls weekend trip you know which ones to book!

savannah bachelorette party tours

One of my favorite tours is the Bonaventure Cemetery Tour.

It’s one of the most gorgeous cemeteries ever. It was the muse for John Berendt’s “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil”. The cemetery is huge – measuring over 100 acres. Due to the large acreage, it can be overwhelming to explore on your own so having a knowledgeable tour guide is a must. The tours are reasonably priced, relaxed, and will introduce to you to a Savannah that you didn’t know existed. Highly recommend this one if you like anything spooky or ghost like! We think yes, yes!

In my 20s I was the Dallas, TX queen of pub crawls. My local watering hole hosted a crawl during winter break every year and my holiday season didn’t start until we went on the crawl. When I moved to Savannah, the first thing I did was find a pub crawl to top my previous holiday shenanigans.

savannah bachelorette party ideas

Enter the Savannah Slow Ride and their 15 bike Crawler.

Eco-friendly and calorie burning, these pub crawls are amazing. They take you to historic cars and get this – downtown Savannah has an open container law, so YOU CAN TAKE A TO GO CUP WITH YOU. Come on?!?! This is the life! Savannah Slow Ride loves to theme so a brunch time flower crown party and then a flower bike pub crawl sounds like the perfect Savannah bachelorette party or girl’s day out.

savannah tours for your savannah bachelorette party weekend

Training to be a pilot by any chance? Amphibian Air will have you flying like a bird over Savannah and even possibly taking control of the aircraft yourself if the weather is good.

The tour will end with a certificate recording your training that can be used towards a sport pilot license. I don’t know about you, but I look amazing with flowers in my windswept hair so this is a top southern to do item for me.

Of course a Savannah weekend would not be complete without a ghost tour of Savannah.

things to do on your savannah bachelorette party weekend

Some of the best ones are from Ghost City Tours.

They’re located in several cities so they really know what they’re doing when it comes to researching the most haunted places in your city. The ghost tours don’t have to be scary, but if spooky is what you’re going for, then The Beyond Good & Evil Tour might be just up your alley. This tour focuses on the macabre side of Savannah and will give you a unique 360 tour of the spooky side of Savannah. The Graves Tales Tour is focused more on the historic stories of what makes the city haunted. I like that it’s suitable for all ages so if your bridal or bachelorette party has young ladies in it, they can join you on this excursion.

savannah bachelorette party planning

I really think that you could find a tour for anything that you might be searching for while in Savannah. Don’t forget to book your flower crown party beforehand so that you can be decked out in blooms for your excursions and tours around our beautiful city of ours.

Savannah bachelorette party


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Chic Hotels in Savannah for your Savannah Bachelorette Party or Savannah Ladies Weekend

Posted by Alexandra Gonsor on Dec 7, 2018 10:57:54 AM

In a previous professional life, I travelled A LOT.

Living out of a suitcase, the concierge knowing my name, I am a hotel expert at this point. Which is pretty cool when I live so close to so many popular travel destinations.

My favorite is Savannah, GA.

I adore the crumbling staircases, the Spanish moss draped all over the trees, and the buildings with the plaques proudly boasting the year they were built. It’s soaked in history. It’s also soaked in good times and music and food which makes it perfect for a bachelorette party weekend. We cant't wait to give you the down low on the chicest hotels for your bachelorette party weekend in Savannah

Savannah's Chic Hotels 

The hotels are just as amazing as the Historic Squares scattered throughout the city. Many of the hotels offer spas, room service, full bars poolside, 5 star restaurants, and easy access to shopping, bars, and all of our city attractions. If you are looking for a more intimate girls getaway that is a little quieter and little more historic, the B&Bs available are exactly up your alley. We also have a lot of great airbnbs that you can check out too if that is more your style. Either way you, even if you don't stay in these hotels you should check them out or stop by to take in the beauty of their spaces, restaurants, rooftops and bars. 

 Savannah Flower Parties

One of my absolute favorite hotels is the Alida Hotel.

The hotel is located in the riverfront district of Savannah. This hotel is definitely a hidden gem.

The rooms are sumptuous, huge, and offer suites or if you have a big group. You can also reserve a penthouse for your girls weekend. The pool is gorgeous with cabanas, a full bar, AND fire pits in case of cool nights.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is to find the hidden locals only spots. Locals always know the best spots to visit. Check out the Alida Hotel's Instagram here to see some beautiful photos. Their photos will definitely get you in the mood to start planning your stay in Savannah. 

Mata Hari is a fun speakeasy lounge that requires a password to enter. The Alida concierge can help you get the password so you can rub elbows with locals in the know.

Chic Savannah Hotels

I have hosted a girls weekend at the Mansion on Forsythe Park and it was decadent. I can’t even describe the level of pampering that went on at this lovely place.

4 6-1

There is a curated art gallery featuring local artists, a spa that resembles an underwater oasis, restaurants, bars, in room spa services, group spa services, spa services for days! I am obsessed with my spa days if you couldn’t tell.

Also, I love having activities scheduled when hosting girls weekends and the Mansion offers cooking classes on site. How fun is that? A little food and a little wine and we were one happy bunch of ladies! To top it off, there is live music from local artists and having a cocktail while listening to live jazz is my jam. The suites are amazing and spacious. I can’t get enough of this hotel.

savannah floral arranging

Sometimes I need to be ballin’ on a budget and the Homewood Suites Riverfront by Hilton fits me perfectly.

The hotel is located on River Street and comes with the Hilton guarantee. I love Hiltons and am a member of their rewards program which makes picking a hotel really easy for me when I travel.

The Homewood in Savannah is located in the historic riverfront district and many of the suites have a river view. There is complimentary breakfast in the morning so you can sip coffee and enjoy the view of the river from your suite. One of my favorite features of Homewood Suites is the free cocktail hour Monday to Thursday from 5:30-6:30 which offers complimentary wine and beer and small bites. Hello, I may never leave!

savannah bachelorette party ideas

The hotel offers a rooftop pool with heaters to warm you on chilly nights, charging stations for your phones, tvs, and a light bar menu. It’s perfect. During the day, you are walking distance to shopping, restaurants and breweries. Or take in a carriage ride or walking tour of the city. The history never disappoints.

Savannah bachelorette party

We hope this helped you think through some of your options for your Savannah ladies weekend or a Savannah bachelorette party weekend. We hope you will consider doing a flower crown party as part of your Savannah Weekend plans. You can request more information on a flower party in Savannah here

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