The Hot Bachelorette Activity for Your Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on Apr 8, 2018 8:48:16 PM

The Hot Bachelorette Activity for Your Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on Apr 8, 2018 8:48:16 PM
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We had 2 flower crown parties this weekend while I was up in NYC for my sister's wedding. Annie hosted a group and so did Toni. Both parties were on Friday night and I was so happy to see some of the girls tag the Fetes de Fleurs Instagram account so I could follow along. Thought we would share some of the photos from their flower crown bachelorette parties so you can see what your bachelorette party might be like if you were to host one of your bachelorette activities with us in one of our cities that we flower party in.

bachelorette party activities

We always arrive about 15-30 minutes before the start time of the flower crown party so one of our flower party hosts can setup the flower crown bar for the group. We usually setup the flower crown workshop somewhere in the house, airbnb, hotel, venue etc on a big table or counter space where the girls taking part in the flower party can pick their flowers market style.

flower crown parties

Once all the ladies for the bachelorette party have picked their flowers from the flower crown bar we will start by getting all your supplies together so each lady can begin making the flower crown with our help of course! We will help the bachelorette group as much as you need to get your flower crowns just right for what you are looking for.

Flower Crown bachelorette party

How cute is this bride to be?!?! I love how she wore white too. I actually really like when the bachelorette wears white so you know which one she is but I know that is becoming kind of cliche? Do you like when the bachelorette wears all white or do you think they should wear whatever color they want?

#bachbash Flower Party with Fetes de Fleurs

We tend to see the flower crown parties being held at airbnb's here when people are coming from out of town or at hotels. The main areas that we see bachelorette party groups partying at are Folly Beach, Downtown Charleston, Sullivan's Island, Isle of Palms.


I love these decorations that these girls had for their bachelorette decor. Looks perfect with flower crowns added in to the mix!

Flower Crown Bar-1

Above you can see an example of how we put together a flower crown bar before a bachelorette party. As you see we always bring a wide selection of flowers and colors for the group to work with and "shop" from for their flower crowns they are going to make.


If there are certain colors of flowers that you want your flower party host to bring to the party please ask us that week before when we are sourcing and prepping for the bachelorette party or flower crown party. We tend to buy flowers the week of the party and we usually email you that week to confirm colors and any other themes we should know about.

Flower Party

I love when the party hosts get single photos of each girl from the flower crown in their crowns because I think it is fun to do collages with the photos or just show you all the one off styles that everyone in a group will end up with. So nice and fun to see the personality of each person come out in their end creation.

#flowercrown selfies!

Here they are on their own too...


I love her pink everything here. Well, because my favorite color is pink:)


I love how this girl did baby's breath with pops of pink in her flower crown. I think it looks dainty and perfect with her striped shirt too.


Black is always a good idea with flower crowns because the black helps the flower crowns pop!


flower crown party 


It is always amazing to see which flowers certain ladies use and which ones others use. No one person ever has a similar crown and I think that makes these parties so fun!

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We hope you will come flower party with us when you plan your Charleston bachelorette party!


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