DIY Floral Monograms & DIY Floral Letters 

Posted by Martha Murphy on Feb 17, 2018 9:32:47 AM


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Posted by Martha Murphy on Dec 5, 2017 1:16:20 PM


See what we did there? Ho, Ho, Ho! Faux, Faux, Faux for us here at Fetes de Fleurs! 

When I was young, my family would spend three hours in the car on the first Saturday of December. Driving from our South Shore home, to ”The Chop” in Stow.  We got in the Christmas spirit listening to Irish Christmas Carols on cassette tape.

“The Chop” was a party of my Father’s college buddies, turned family, who got together every year to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, and to chop down their Christmas Trees. It was because of this party that I became a Christmas Tree Snob.

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Falling for Florals with a Thanksgiving Story

Posted by Martha Murphy on Nov 22, 2017 4:45:43 PM

Next to my father’s piano shop, on the corner of Boylston Street and where Park Plaza turns to Charles Street in Boston, there was once a florist. His name was John and his storefront is now a Boloco. On the day before Thanksgiving my Mom would tell my Dad not to forget the flowers. My Dad’s eyes would get big and you could see realization come across his face- he would have forgotten the flowers- in fact- maybe he already had.

But it didn’t matter, John always had my Dad’s back. He would come home with a beautiful and different arrangement every year.

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The History behind Your Flower Crown Halloween Costume

Posted by Martha Murphy on Oct 31, 2017 12:08:34 PM

With Halloween this week it’s no coincidence that you have surely been seeing an influx of flower crowns in your social media feed. I, personally, think there never needs to be reason to don a floral crown but Halloween certainly gives the excuse to take it up a notch or two. I've seen a whole bunch of different kinds of flowers crowns for halloween costumes.

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Celebrating Friendship & Why I am Joining Fetes de Fleurs Boston

Posted by Martha Murphy on Oct 25, 2017 6:39:11 PM

Confession: I attended what will probably end up being my final bachelorette party this summer.

It. Was. Awesome.

We rented a beach home on Cape Cod, we sang Celine Dion at the top of our lungs, we lay on the beach and reminisced. Reminisced about over ten years ago when we lay on a different beach and belted out Celine Dion in a different rented beach home. I puked twice during the weekend, but at 11 weeks pregnant I was counting myself lucky that it was just twice.

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