Celebrating Friendship & Why I am Joining Fetes de Fleurs Boston

Posted by Martha Murphy on Oct 25, 2017 6:39:11 PM
Martha Murphy
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Confession: I attended what will probably end up being my final bachelorette party this summer.

It. Was. Awesome.

We rented a beach home on Cape Cod, we sang Celine Dion at the top of our lungs, we lay on the beach and reminisced. Reminisced about over ten years ago when we lay on a different beach and belted out Celine Dion in a different rented beach home. I puked twice during the weekend, but at 11 weeks pregnant I was counting myself lucky that it was just twice.

I am going to be 34 in just a couple of weeks and the friendships that I have garnered over the past twenty or more years have been some of the most important and lasting relationships of my life.


Celebrating these friendships every weekend used to be easy. Most of us lived in and around Boston and even without UBER we were able to get together to celebrate birthdays, holidays, promotions at work, graduate school, the Red Sox and the Boston Marathon. As our lives changed and started to include fiances, then husbands, babies and houses in the suburbs it became more and more difficult for us to together to celebrate. But still we celebrated: housewarmings, baby showers, first birthdays.

Celebrating changed venues and purposes over the years but our friendships remained at the core of our celebrations.

Working with Fetes de Fleurs as the Boston Area Party Host  I hope to help women ( both young and not so young) celebrate their friendships together; birthdays, holidays, promotions at work, graduate school, the Red Sox, the Boston Marathon, housewarmings, baby showers and first birthdays along with Fetes de Fleurs signature Bachelorette Flower Crown Parties.

Flowers make everyday more special and make celebrations extraordinary.

There is always a reason to celebrate and always and excuse to get together with friends; I hope you will include me and our variety of Flower Parties in your celebrations.

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