LOVE WAS IN THE AIR for this Charleston Bachelorette Party

Posted by Toni Stone on Mar 14, 2018 8:36:00 AM

LOVE WAS IN THE AIR for this Charleston Bachelorette Party

Posted by Toni Stone on Mar 14, 2018 8:36:00 AM

Toni, one of the Charleston flower party hosts for Fetes de Fleurs! Nice to see you again! 

Well actually, in Charleston love is always in the air! Charleston, SC is a top place for visitors far and wide and some of our favorite visitors are the lovely Bachelorette parties we get to spend our days with!

A couple of weekends ago I spent my Friday morning with a group of girls mostly hailing from Texas to celebrate the bride to be, Amanda. With a fun filled weekend ahead of them we kicked it off by making our Flower Crowns for the girls to rock all weekend long around Charleston.

It was a gorgeous day and the ladies had rented a stunningly modern Charleston AirBnB on Spring Street. The natural light was flowing in and the kitchen was the perfect spot to set up our signature flower crown bar.

flower crown bar by fetes de fleurs


Check out Amanda's bachelorette party crew trying their new skills at making their base of their flower crowns below. We love seeing how into it everyone gets at our flower workshops.  

flower crown party


I love how Amanda used wax flowers around the crown and then added in her roses. How pretty is her creation below?! 

flower crown bachelorette party


Isn't this just gorgeous? I love seeing all the creative ways a flower crown can be put together. There are so many different ways you can make a flower crown so it is always so fun to see the group learn a new skill and put their skills to the test! 


flower crowns


Flower Crowns are complete and these girls are ready to hit the town! Congratulations Amanda, I hope you enjoyed your bachelorette weekend in Charleston! <3


bachelorette party ideas


Visiting Charleston and want to book Fetes de Fleurs?

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Book a Charleston bachelorette party activity with Fetes de Fleurs and we can help you incorporate florals into your theme of your bachelorette party! Because not sure if you have heard but floral themed bachelorette parties is what is hot this year! 

flower crown party



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