Hoop Wreaths for Employee Appreciation Event

Posted by Toni Stone on Jul 5, 2018 12:18:59 PM

Hoop Wreaths for Employee Appreciation Event

Posted by Toni Stone on Jul 5, 2018 12:18:59 PM

Hi there , Toni here :-) one of Charleston's trusty flower party hostesses. I'm normally bouncing around to flower crown parties but recently I had the opportunity to host a silk flower Hoop Wreath party, and it was so much fun!

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With the school year wrapped up, Meeting Street Schools administrative team took an afternoon for team building and employee appreciation. The ladies had a fun filled morning Paddle Boarding on Shem Creek and then I met up with them after their lunch at Coastal Crust Pizza Bar- a local favorite. Coastal Crush recently joined Vintage Coffee Cafe - highly recommend both spots and their combined back patio area is perfect for parties! 

How perfect was this set up for the ladies to learn how to make Hoop Wreaths! 

hoop wreaths

I set up our signature flower bar as the centerpiece on the long picnic table! 

DIY hoop wreath silk flower wreath












The ladies are hard at work adding greenery. 

silk flower wreaths

DIY hoop wreaths employee appreciation events












All done! How fabulous are these wreaths?!

employee appreciation ideas

That's a wrap! I had such a blast with these ladies and can't wait to host another party!



If you are looking for a fun employee appreciation activity or employee appreciation ideas we would love to partner with you to bring a floral or greenery workshop to your employees. We have done hoop wreaths, floral arranging classes, flower crown parties, wreath making, etc for employee appreciation events in the past. We would love to help you appreciate your team in the most floral way possible. 


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