We are Ready to Flower Crown Party for your Austin Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on Feb 8, 2018 6:30:00 AM

We are Ready to Flower Crown Party for your Austin Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on Feb 8, 2018 6:30:00 AM
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Fetes de Fleurs is officially live in the Austin, Texas area. We are so excited to continue building out our flower party host program in cities around the US where bachelorette parties happen on the reg. Austin, Texas is such a key spot for our growth and we are so excited to join you in Austin for your bachelorette party weekends.

Austin Bachelorette Party

The major plan for Fetes de Fleurs is to be in every major bachelorette city in the US to help all of you bride's to be flower crown party in style!

Bachelorette party Austin, TX

How does an Austin Bachelorette Party work with Fetes de Fleurs?

Austin Texas bachelorette party weekend

We sat down with our Austin flower party Hostess Myranda Carlson to get more details for you on what to expect on your Austin Bachelorette Party weekend.

Fetes de Fleurs is a flower party business. We host floral parties for celebrations like weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal and baby showers, events, etc. We are known for our flower crown parties but we do a variety of flower parties including other flowery workshops like floral arranging parties, floral jewelry parties, floral letter parties, etc. Really if you can do something fun with flowers and greenery we are interested in helping you party with flowers.

host an austin bachelorette flower crown party

How do you book an Austin Bachelorette Party?

You fill out the form on the Austin Bachelorette Party Landing page here.  When we see this filled out we will contact you via email with details on how the party works as well as answer any questions you have. When you are ready to book the party we will send you a calendar invite via email to block out a 2 hour slot for the party. We will want to know where you are holding the flower crown bachelorette party so know where to go to setup the flower crown party. We will then send over an invoice to you via Square Invoices. We expect you to pay the invoice a week ahead of the party. Feel free to pay your invoice whenever you want and whenever you gather the money from the bachelorette party group. The invoice will expire a week before your party date. 

austin bachelorette weekend

What does Fetes de Fleurs bring and do at an Austin bachelorette party

We bring all of the supplies, flowers, and greenery to host a flower crown making party. We typically ask the point of contact on the Austin bachelorette party weekend what colors you want us to work in. If you are dying for a certain kind of flower please let us know and we can see what we can do to make it happen! We typically try to stick with a color scheme depending on what is in season at the flower market when we source the flowers and greenery for your Austin bachelorette party. 

We setup a flower crown bar with all the makings of a flower crown at your hotel, airbnb, etc. We work with the space that you have so don't worry about a thing. We bring everything and all you need to do is be excited, provide your friends and be ready to learn how to work with flowers to create your flower crowns. 

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