Fetes de Fleurs flower party hosts around the US go through training online. We have online training, videos, etc that you can do on your own time to prepare you for your 1st parties. 

You will be provided an email address, an instagram account to manage, access to our Facebook page, access to HubSpot marketing platform and CRM to manage your business, Eventbrite, Pinterest page, etc. 

All of the supplies will be sent to you to start your first classes and parties. 

We will have a weekly call each week that the flower party hosts can join to ask questions, and go over certain skills together. We will have a slack channel where we will communicate as a group and you can learn from what is working well with the other flower party hosts. 

We are here to support you and help make your flower party business a success. 

Let's get you trained to host your 1st flower party!