How to Make a Flower Crown 

Posted by Myranda Carlson on Mar 28, 2018 2:35:32 PM

How to Make a Flower Crown 

Posted by Myranda Carlson on Mar 28, 2018 2:35:32 PM

learn How to make flower crowns

Spring blooms are everywhere you look right now!  Spring is a great time for renewal and making space to learn new skills.

Spring is also the perfect time of the year to get your gal tribe together for a spring flower activity and some flower crown fun.  Myranda, our Austin Flower Party Hostess thought it would be helpful to take you through how we make flower crowns for our Fetes de Fleurs Flower Crown Parties

So here goes it, we are going to take you through our process on how to make flower crowns

how to make a flower crown

Here’s a list of supplies you will need for making flower crowns:  

  • Flowers

  • Greenery

  • Floral cutters and/or scissors

  • Floral tape

  • Floral wire

how to make flower crowns

Follow our step by step instructions to learn How to Make Flower Crowns

Take two floral stems end and twist the ends together. Using your head as a guide, form the wire into a circular shape. This will become the base of your crown so measure your head by twisting the two floral wires onto each other and then wrap them around the back of your head. Leave about 1 inch in the back for space to add on greenery and flowers for your flower crown. Take it off your head and wrap the floral wire onto it each other like the photo below. 

how to make flower crowns step by step

Completely wrap your base of your crown with floral tape. You will wrap the whole base of your crown with floral tape. The tape will serve as a starting point for when you start to add on your greenery and flowers. Just keep wrapping until you finish the whole base of your crown with tape. 

Step 2_Wrap your base of your crown in floral tape

Take a stalk of greenery and tape it to the wire using floral tape. This will form the base for your crown. Now wrap the greenery around the base of the crown until the whole crown is covered in greenery. Keep adding on smaller or longer pieces of greenery until the whole base of your crown is covered in greenery. At Fetes de Fleurs we always cover with greenery first and then work on the flowers next! 

Step 3_ Wrap Greenery on the flower crown base

Make mini bouquets and secure them with floral wire. Create as many mini bouquets of flowers and greenery combos that you want to attach to the greenery crown base. We will start to add them on one after the other to create the beautiful flower crown! 

Step 4_ Create mini flower bouquets for the flower crown

Start to attach flowers to the crown using floral tape. You will want to wrap the tape around the stem and greenery base working in a row one direction and layering flowers. Be sure to secure the flowers to the base with floral tape by wrapping four-five times.

Step 5_ Keep adding on mini flower bouquet bunches to the flower crown

Keep going and adding on the mini flower bouquets to the flower crown until you have the desired amount that makes me happy.

Austin bachelorette party

Once you are done put that baby on your head and rock your flower crown like the Queen you are! 

how to make flower crowns with real flowers  

flower crown DIY  

how to make real flower crowns

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