Bachelorette Party Austin tx: Introducing the Flower Crown Party

Posted by Ali Powell on Mar 10, 2018 9:55:11 PM

Bachelorette Party Austin tx: Introducing the Flower Crown Party

Posted by Ali Powell on Mar 10, 2018 9:55:11 PM
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With the warmer months starting to pop up here down south we wanted to tell you about our flower crown parties as an option for when you are planning a bachelorette party in Austin, TX. 1st off everything is better and bigger in Texas so when we started planning out the cities we wanted to bud into throughout the US we knew Austin would be on our growth map for Fetes de Fleurs flower parties. We are pumped that Myranda joined us as our flower party host in Austin. Here's to MANY Austin bachelorette parties this year ahead! 

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A little flower dream of mine is to one day in the cities we flower party in have a monthly activity with the girls in that location and do a fun floral installation somewhere in the city we flower party in. My dream would be to flower crown this Texas mural up with a fetes flower crown at the top. I think we can make that happen!

Our flower party host for Fetes de Fleurs Austin is Myranda and you can request a Bachelorette party in Austin here.

Austin Bachelorette Party

How does a Austin bachelorette party work?

Thanks for asking. Let me break it down for you! Our bachelorette parties usually want a floral activity for their bachelorette party. We have found that bachelorette parties tend to want to make flower crowns. So we typically offer that as a fun bachelorette party activity for your weekend in Austin, Texas.

Austin Bachelorette party ideas

How much does it cost?

$50 per person. 

Austin, TX flower parties

What does this include?

We source and curate a wide selection of blooms, flowers, stems and greenery for your Austin bachelorette party tribe to pick from the flower crown bar. We setup a flower crown bar somewhere in your Austin airbnb or Austin hotel that you are staying at. We can also work with a local bar, or restaurant if you would prefer to have our flower crown workshop at a local location outside of where you are staying.

Let's flower party austin tx

How long does it take?

We block out 2 hours when we book our parties. We come about 1/2 hour early to setup the flower crown bar and prep the party. Once everyone is ready we start our the creating and learning part of the flower party. One of our flower party hosts will teach your group all about flowers and how to make flower crowns. We help our flower party groups as much as you want so don't fear if you feel like you aren't a good DIYer. You are! We will help you learn a new skill all over some rose and flower fun.

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What else should we know?

We will want to know from your group if there are certain colors you want us to work with. For example if you want all pinks for the bachelorette tribe and white flowers for the bride to be. We will make that happen. We also will want to know if you want to use silk flowers or real flowers. We can do either real flowers or silk flowers.

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What if we don't want to make them and just want to buy the flower crowns?

That is totally fine too! We obviously love the "learning a new flower skill" that comes with our flower crown parties but we of course can make the flower crowns for you and drop them off at your hotel or airbnb. We charge $35 per person when we make them for you. If you are coming to Austin for your bachelorette party and just want one flower crown we would be happy to make the bride to be a white flower crown for her bachelorette weekend in Austin, Tx.

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Do you sell anything else to bachelorette parties or have other floral services for bachelorette parties? 

Yes, we can do lots of different flower workshops and flower parties. We tend to stick with the flower crown party and flower crown bar because bachelorette parties like that! BUT, we love doing other floral parties like flower jewelry parties, flower letter parties where we all make a letter for the bride to be (great photo opp), flower walls, flower installations at your airbnb or hotel for a bachelorette photo backdrop, etc. Just ask and we can help you figure out your bachelorette party decorations if you want to do a floral theme. 

Request More Information  on an Austin Bachelorette  Party! 

You can request information on hosting an Austin bachelorette party with Fetes de Fleurs here.   We hope you will flower party with us if you plan on coming to Austin for your bachelorette party weekend! 

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