Floral Themed Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Packages

Posted by Ali Powell on Jun 5, 2018 8:09:00 AM

Floral Themed Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Packages

Posted by Ali Powell on Jun 5, 2018 8:09:00 AM
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We are so pumped to finally be able to say that we are launched in Palm Springs. It makes me so happy to be able to have a flower party host (they are actually a couple - married couple) in such a perfect location as Palm Springs for bachelorette parties, girls weekends, ladies weekends, whatever type of celebration it might be. Palm Springs is perfect for flower parties so we can't wait to start having them! 

Palm Springs Bachelorette Party

PALM SPRINGS screams flower crowns to me. There are so many festivals in Palm Springs that we can help you flower party at. There are tons of great hotels and pools that we can flower party at with you. It just seems like the most ideal place to host a flower crown party and/or a flower crown bar. So we can't wait to get this party rocking and started with you all!

Since we are new to Palm Springs we wanted to go over what the options are for our Palm Springs bachelorette party packages so you know what they are!

Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Packages

Our signature flower party is our Flower Crown Party.

This is the flower party that typically does our best in our bachelorette markets that we are in. We expect that the flower crown party will do well in Palm Springs too but we learn with every market and are always thinking about new and different floral themes for bachelorette parties!

Palm Springs bachelorette party package one: The Flower Crown Party.

We come to your hotel, airbnb, or location agreed upon and we setup our signature flower crown bar where we then teach a flower crown workshop on how to make flower crowns. We will make sure that your group walks away from the flower experience learning a new skill and maybe a deeper appreciation for flowers. We hope it is a fun activity to add on to your Palm Springs bachelorette weekend.

Palm Springs bachelorette party package two: The Flower Crown Bar. 

Maybe you don't want to do a full on workshop where we teach your group how to make the flower crowns. Maybe you just don't feel like being crafty, we get that (we guess). SO, if this is the case and you still want flower crowns but want them pre-made and ready to rock. We can setup a flower crown bar your hotel or event where your guests can come and just pick from greenery crowns to add on simple flowers for fun OR we can have everything pre-made ready to wear. Then your guests can come by the flower crown bar and just pick out one that they like best! Just pop it on your head and walk away in floral style. 

Palm Springs bachelorette party

If you have a custom floral or flowery activity you want to do just email us at ali@fetesdefleurs.com and we will help you come up with a great floral themed party for your weekend in Palm Springs. We promise to deliver on all your flower party themes that your little heart desires in the Palm Springs area. We can't wait to flower party with you Palm Springs!  

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