Things to do in Charleston, SC this Weekend

Coming to Charleston, SC for the Weekend?

Charleston, SC is a great weekend getaway idea. Charleston, SC is home to a great downtown with lots of amazing restaurants and bars. There is a great nightlife as well as great shopping during the day. 

You are super close to the beaches and lots of outdoor activities. There are tons of fun things to do in Charleston on a weekend away. 


Girls Weekend Ideas in Charleston

Looking for a reason to getaway for a weekend with your girlfriends? Want a weekend away with your mom friends? Or maybe you are a mom and daughter group who wants to pick a fun, charming city for a weekend getaway. 

Charleston, SC area is a great pick for a Girls weekend away. You will be able to shop till you drop, have great cocktails, great food and beach! Plus it is such a beautiful city that is easily walkable and bikeable. You don't need a car when you come to . Charleston, SC if you are staying downtown. 

Charleston Weekend Itinerary

Not sure what to do in Charleston for your weekend away. 

We have the top spots- restaurants, bars, activities, etc. for your Charleston weekend itinerary. 

Top Things to do in Charleston, SC for Three Days

Three days in Charleston, SC area is perfect! There are so many options as to how you will spend your time. 

We can help you figure out fun things to do outside or inside. There are so many great restaurants in Charleston, bars in Charleston to swing by as well as fun activities run by local Charlestonians that you should take part in.


Bachelorette Weekend in Charleston SC

Charleston bachelorette weekends! Yes, yes, yes! 

Every weekend in Charleston you will see bachelorette parties and bachelor party groups here for the weekend away. 

Charleston is a great place to host your bachelorette party or bachelor party. We can help you make your Charleston bachelorette weekend the best one ever!