Floral Wrist Corsage Bracelets

Want something more unique than Flower Bouquets for your Bridesmaids?

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Floral Corsage Bracelets 

There is something a bit annoying about having to carry around a flower bouquet all day as a bridesmaid or a bride while taking the wedding photos.

Why not switch it up and offer your bridesmaids a fun, flowery wrist corsage that they can wear again.

A floral corsage doesn't have to be outdated and boring with just a tie ribbon to attach the floral corsage. 

Floral corsages today are made with rose gold, gold or silver cuff bracelets. The floral corsage cuffs make for great wedding photos and also are easier to wear for the bride or bridal party. 

Floral Corsage Bracelets

Floral Corsage Bracelets 

Floral corsage bracelets are the hot new jam right now. Floral corsage bracelets can be made with your custom colors for your wedding or event in mind. We hand make every floral corsage bracelet with whatever look and feel you have in mind. 

We can use  real or silk flowers depending on where the wedding or event is located. 


DIY Floral Cuffs

DIY floral corsage bracelet classes 

We provide in person floral corsage bracelet making parties where you learn to make floral corsages with our help. All supplies, flowers, greenery included in the floral corsage making classes. 

Floral corsage bracelet classes and parties help you to: 

  • Learn how to make floral corsages for your prom. 
  • Learn how to make floral bracelets for your wedding party. 
  • Learn how to make floral corsage bracelets just for fun with your girlfriends. 

Bridesmaid Floral Corsages

Don't want your bridesmaids to have the traditional bridesmaid bouquets? 

Bridesmaid floral corsages are a great way to switch up the traditional look and feel of your bridesmaids carrying flower bouquets. 

Instead have your bridesmaid wear floral corsage cuffs during the wedding day. The floral corsage cuffs double as a bridesmaid gift as well. 

Floral Cuff Making Parties

Learn how to make floral cuffs and floral bracelets with our help. 

We come to your house, a restaurant or bar to help you and your friends make floral cuffs and floral bracelets using beautiful faux and silk flowers. 

Learn a new skill of working with flowers and take home a new piece of floral jewelry to wear over and over again. 

Wholesale floral corsage cuff bracelets

Interested in selling floral corsage cuffs and floral corsage bracelets in your boutique or store?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you about our wholesale options for floral cuffs and floral corsage bracelets for your boutique or bridal salon. 

Ready to rock a floral corsage cuff?

Fill out the details below so we know how to help you. Hope to flower party with you soon!