Boston Flower Parties

Martha Murphy


Charleston, SC Area Flower Parties

Annie Madren 

Annie is a Charleston native and loves to create through painting, crafts and flowers!



 Molly Wickham 

Just a Midwest gal based in Charleston, SC who works in publishing and blogs about the city happenings or what adventure she's trying next. A lover of bouquets of flowers, sweet tea, and Buckeye football.

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Atlanta Flower Parties

Felicia Evans 

I'm Felicia Evans, originally from Detroit, but now I’m based in Atlanta. Professionally, I spent the past 9 years in Sales, Merchandising and Relationship Marketing, but now I’m a stay at home mom to the most sweetest and silliest baby girl, Parker. I never expected to have children but all that changed when I met my husband. By social standards, our relationship progressed quickly; we were engaged after 8 months of dating, married 9 months later and we had our sweet baby girl 9 months after that. I guess when you know- you know :) As a family, we enjoy great meals on a patio, a walk through the park and traveling. My hobbies include all things girlie, crafts and a good glass of wine- a girl has to have time to let her hair down. I can’t wait to make beautiful things with you and your group!

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New Orleans Flower Parties

Heidi Lowe

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Nashville Flower Parties

Michele Hudgins


Austin, Texas Flower Parties

Myranda Carlson

Myranda Carlson has lived in Austin the past 25 years. She is a creative DIY’er who passionate about flowers. She loves gardening and growing her own cut flower garden. She happiest when she has paint, glue or flowers in hand.


Myranda's Instagram

Durham & Chapel Hill, NC Flower Parties

Artesha Lawrence

Hi! My name is Artesha and I currently live in Durham, NC. I am a Pharmacy Technician by day and a Flower Queen by night. Every flower is unique and beautiful in its own way just like every woman and should be celebrated as such. My goal with Fetes De Fleurs is to bring out every woman’s feminine and creative side while also being able to have fun!

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Raleigh, NC Flower Parties

Kathryn Kunzmann